Paint Correction

Paint correction in car detailing removes swirls, scratches, and stains from paint, using polishing and compound methods to restore the car's paint to a like-new look and shine.

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction in car detailing is a comprehensive process designed to remove surface imperfections from a vehicle's paintwork, such as swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and stains.

This restoration technique involves the use of electric polishers, specialized buffing compounds, and microfiber pads to achieve a flawless finish, substantially enhancing the vehicle's appearance and gloss The goal is to restore the paint to a condition that's as good as new, correcting defects that can dull and damage the car's outer layer.

Benefits of Paint Correction

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Interior Detailing
Interior detailing makes your car's air fresher, cleans out allergens, keeps the inside looking good longer, and can help your car sell for more. It keeps your car clean and well-maintained.
Exterior Detailing
Exterior detailing revitalizes your car’s look, shields paint from damage, reduces scratches, and boosts resale value. It also provides long-term protection, enhancing the vehicle’s overall appeal and durability.
Paint & Dent Correction
Paint and dent correction restores your vehicle's appearance, protects against rust, improves resale value, and prevents further damage, ensuring a smooth, flawless finish and long-lasting appeal.
Increase Appeal
Full detailing significantly improves a car's look, achieving a spotless finish that enhances its attractiveness. It rejuvenates the vehicle's exterior while maintaining its appearance.
Buffing & Polishing
Polishing and buffing your car during detailing enhances shine, removes scratches, protects paintwork, improves resale value, and keeps the vehicle looking newer for longer.
Mold & Grime Removal
Removing mold and grime during detailing enhances air quality, appearance, and safety; prevents damage; eliminates odors;, ensuring a healthier driving experience.

Paint Correction Capabilities

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Car Paint Correction

Surface Assessment
Protection Application
Environmental protection
Scratch protection
Light Correction
Spot Correction
Final Inspection & Touch-Ups

Boat Paint Correction

Gelcoat & Marine Paint Assessment
Oxidation Removal
Scratch & Defect Removal
UV Protection Application
Anti-fouling Paint Application
Scratch protection
Final Inspection & Touch-Ups

Custom Paint Correction

Paint Customization
Multi-Stage Correction
Heavy Correction
Specialized Gelcoat Restoration
Protective Coatings Application
Scratch Correction
Final Inspection & Touch-Ups

Karen DeVenaro

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Jonathan Ragsdale

"So glad I found these guys! Called them up, got an appointment within two days. Extremely friendly and professional. Super quick turn around. And the car looks and smells amazing. Couldn’t be happier. Would recommend to anybody!"

Damien Currano

"The car has lived it’s whole life outside and never been polished so my expectations were low going in. The gloss he brought back in the end result absolutely blew me away. I don’t remember the paint looking so deep even when it was brand new."

Frequently Asked Paint Correction Questions

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How is paint correction different from waxing?

Waxing adds a protective layer on top of the paint to enhance its shine and protect it from environmental elements. Paint correction, however, removes imperfections from the paint itself, improving the surface quality before any protective layers like wax or sealants are applied.

How long does paint correction last?

The results can last for several years, depending on factors like the vehicle's maintenance routine, storage conditions, and how frequently it is washed and exposed to the elements. Regular maintenance and protection can extend the lifespan of a paint correction job.

Can paint correction remove all scratches?

Paint correction can remove many surface scratches and imperfections that haven’t penetrated through the paint's clear coat. Deeper scratches that reach the base coat or primer might not be fully correctable without repainting.


How much does paint correction cost?

Costs can vary widely depending on the vehicle's size, the condition of its paint, and the level of correction required. Prices might range from $300 to $3000. Getting a quote from a professional is the best way to understand the potential costs.

How do I maintain my paint after correction?

Regular washing with a gentle, pH-neutral soap, avoiding automatic car washes, applying a wax or sealant regularly, and storing the vehicle in a garage or under a cover can help maintain the corrected paint.

an I perform paint correction myself?

While DIY kits are available, paint correction requires skill, experience, and the right tools to avoid further damage to the paint. It's generally recommended to have it done professionally for the best results.