Ceramic Coating

With Mind & Body Auto Detailing, discover the ultimate in vehicle care. Our premium Ceramic Coating services will give your car a protective and glossy layer against any weather conditions and scratches.

What is Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating is like adding a tough, transparent shield to your car's paint by applying a special liquid. It sticks to the paint and lasts a long time, helping to keep your car safe from sun damage, dirt, salt, and minor scratches.

Ceramic coatings are stronger and last longer than regular car waxes. They can keep your car looking shiny and new for years if you take good care of them. They also create a shiny, water-repellent surface that helps keep your car clean by making it harder for dirt and water to stick.

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

Explore our Ceramic Coating methods, benefits, and unique advantages. Get everything you need to keep your car and boat in pristine condition with our detailing services.

Weather Protection
Ceramic coating keeps cars safe from rain and snow. Coating repels water, causing it to slide off the treated surfaces,  preventing water marks and lessening snow and ice accumulation.
UV Protection
Ceramic coatings create a sturdy layer on a car's paint by bonding chemically, effectively blocking UV rays. This helps prevent paint fading and damage, keeping the car looking good and strong.
Ceramic coating maintains your car's appearance over an extended period. Its durability and strong protective capabilities, this treatment significantly contributes to a vehicle's longevity.
Increase Appeal
Ceramic coating not only improves a vehicle's visual appeal by providing a glossy finish, but also ensures it stays cleaner and appears newer for an extended period.
High Gloss Shine
Offering a glossy, eye-catching finish, ceramic coating makes your vehicle stand out. It delivers a brilliant sheen that attracts attention, showcasing your car with a distinctive, lasting shine.
Low Maintenance
Ceramic coating notably eases the cleaning routine and maintenance of your vehicle's appearance, providing long-lasting protection and simplicity in preserving its look.

Ceramic Coatings Capabilities

Explore our Ceramic Coating methods, benefits, and unique advantages. Get everything you need to keep your car and boat in pristine condition with our detailing services.

Exterior Coating

UV Protective Coating
Hydrophobic Protective Coating
Environmental Protection
Increase Glossy Shine
Improved Durability
Enhanced Protection

Interior Coating

Interior Protection
UV Protective Coating
Improved Durability
Leather Ceramic Coatings
Metal & Trim Coatings

Glass Coating

Reduced Glare
Improved Visibility
Glass Protection
Hydrophobic Protective Coating
UV Protective Coating
Improved Durability
Enhanced Protection

Ambieca Saha

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Zach Stone

"Personalized, serious attention to detail. My car looks beautiful inside and out! You can’t go wrong by booking with them. Pricing is more than fair for the quality of the job. They do a killer job."

Molly Flynn

"My car looks a thousand times better! I never thought my car could look so good again. My car was so gross, really made my car sparkle, in addition to just being really friendly and nice."

Frequently Asked Ceramic Coating Questions

Discover our detailing techniques, advantages, and unique features. Obtain all the details you need to maintain the pristine condition of your car and boat detailing.

How long does ceramic coating Last?

The lifespan of a high-quality ceramic coating ranges from 2 to 5 years and varies based on the vehicle's exposure to environmental conditions, maintenance routine, and usage pattern. Proper and regular care can significantly prolong its durability.

Can ceramic coats prevent scratches?

While ceramic coating significantly enhances paint protection against minor scratches, swirl marks, and environmental contaminants, it's not entirely scratch-proof. It offers a layer of protection that reduces damage from light abrasions.

Is ceramic coating worth the cost?

Yes, Many vehicle owners find the improved appearance, easier cleaning, and superior protection against environmental damage offered by ceramic coatings justify the initial investment by helping to preserve the vehicle's long-term value and condition.


Can I apply ceramic coating myself?

Yes, there are DIY ceramic coating kits available. However, for optimal results and longevity, it's recommended to have it applied by a professional. A professional application ensures correct preparation and application, maximizing its effectiveness and durability.

How do I maintain my car after ceramic coating?

Maintain your ceramic-coated car with regular washes using a pH-neutral car shampoo, avoid using abrasive cleaning tools, and consider a top-up or maintenance coat every few years to ensure maximum protection and longevity.

What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is a durable liquid polymer that bonds with a car's paint, creating a protective layer. It shields against environmental damage, makes cleaning easier, and enhances the paint's appearance. Professional application and simple maintenance can extend its benefits and lifespan.