Meet the Founder

Devin is the visionary leader of Mind & Body Auto Detailing. His deep love for car aesthetics and excellence drives the company. With his extensive experience in auto detailing, Devin has crafted a unique approach that focuses on careful detail and appreciates the skill needed to enhance a vehicle's look. He's committed to maintaining high-quality standards and always aims to exceed customer expectations. Thanks to Devin's solid leadership, Mind & Body Auto Detailing stands out for providing exceptional service that truly wows its customers.

Fundamental Values

Mind & Body Auto Detailing focuses on delivering superior service and ensuring customer delight. The company cherishes creativity, uprightness, and active community participation, fueled by an enthusiastic crew committed to outstanding auto maintenance and responsible detailing.

Detailing Craftsmanship

We focus on thoroughly caring for and renewing each vehicle, paying close attention to detail and guaranteeing top-quality results.

Customer Satisfaction

Our highest priority is to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, with every vehicle returned in a state that surpasses its arrival condition.

Innovate & Restore

We always look for new and better ways to detail cars, using the latest tech and products to improve our work.

Passion for Automobiles

Our passion for cars motivates us to see and enhance the beauty in every type and brand of vehicle.